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My Favorite Things - July

My favorite things this month are a culmination of the HOT items I've been using in my interior design projects or what I have seen at today's newest venues.

#5 - Artisian paper. Artisan Paper is the hot new go to this Summer. Donghia produces Wallpaper and Picture Source has an array of artwork in many different styles and colors. It adds a casual natural almost tribal element to the space.

Artisan Paper Artwork, Stylish Accessories, Versatile Bookcase

#4 - Embroidered Fabrics - Two of my favorite patterns are from Duralee and Maxwell Fabrics.

#3 - Striking metal accessories - From wall art and shelves to table top metal is making its mark.

#2 - Vitrine Cabinets - This beauty is the Grayson Vitrine Cabinet. My latest LOVE - this cabinet reminds me of shopping the flea markets in Paris.

Grayson Vitrine

#1 - Neon Signs - From Khloe Kardashian to The Hampton Social in Burr Ridge, Neons are a hot new trend in ID. They can be added to any room to add that burst of flair. I love the idea of using them in bathrooms.

Rose All Day

#ArtisianPaperArt #NeonSigns #Accesseries #VitrineCabinets

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